South to that dark Sun - Short Stories. (Matador 2010)

The Final Test, illustrated by Paul Wright. London, Gollancz, 1985.
                              (Paperback.Fontana Lions,1986)

The Man with Eyes like Windows. London, Collins, 1987.
                               (Paperback,Fontana Lions 1988)
('Never Walk Alone') Fontana 1990

Omelette (A Chicken in Peril)  H.B.(Bodley Head, London 1990)
                               (P.B. Red Rox 1991)

Rosie No Name and the Forest of Forgetting. O.U.P. 1996.

Ruby and the Dragon, illustrated by Bob Wilson.Fontana 1990.

Douglas the Drummer, illustrated by Paul Dowling. Fontana 1990.

A Cake Called Albert.Story and Tape. Included in Stories for 6 Year olds
Harper Collins.1993.

The Door. (Story in a three story anthology) Rigby-Reed Education 2002.


Icarus by Mobile - Selected Poems, (Raven Books 2013) by Mobile

Salford Road, Collins

Song of the City, Collins

My Granny Is A Sumo Wrestler. Collins

Gareth Owen Collected Poems for Children – Macmillan 2002.

The Fox on the Roundabout.  Macmillan 2001


Voices.- (Drama 1) Ed John Foster. Macmillan Education. Also Broadcast by BBC.

Don’t Look Down.-Drama 2. A play for teachers and children. Published Macmillan Education. Ed John Foster.

The Bridge. A skateboarding ghost play. Published 2004.


Lessons in Italian: Play for Radio BBC.

The Race: A verse play about Jesse Owens and the Berlin Olympics-BBC

The Game. BBC. In which he also played the lead.



Salford Road was Signal Award Winner.

Stage version of ‘Rosie No-Name and the Forest of Forgetting’ was prize winner of the W.H.Smith /Yorkshire Playhouse Plays for Children award.

Winner- Welsh Academy Award for Spoken Poetry.

Winner- National, ‘Speak a Poem’ Competition.

American Company Showboat Road was Fringe First award winner at the Edinburgh Festival with their stage version of ‘Salford Road’ with music by Richard Isen.