Salford Road:
'Gareth Owen’s poetry is original, beautiful, serious, funny, real and imaginative…..Nothing quite like it  has been done before.
 I can’t tell you how good it is!'
Poet, Patric Dickinson.
Song of the City:
I keep putting them (the poems) in front of people and saying, ‘Read this!’
They (the poems)  assume our attention and merit it.
Rather  one Gareth Owen than a dozen anthologies.
Signal Magazine.
The Fox on the Roundabout:
'This is a gem…It has been made the Poetry Book Society’s Children’s Poetry Bookshelf Choice and deservedly so.…The language he uses is rich, the lines are haunting and funny in equal measure making the poems multi-layered, to be read again and again.'

'Sometimes it almost seems unfashionable to measure a poem’s success by the spinal shiver or the Housman razor test, but for me Gareth Owen has suddenly become the kind of poet who must be responded to in this way…These are poems for private reading and long though… this book digs deep and strikes lucky.'

Times Educational Supplement.
'There’s nothing quite like the moment when you’re about to open a new book by a favourite author. The Fox on the Roundabout  more than meets that expectation. Gareth Owen understands young people and their  concerns, as clearly as he knows about poetry and the way it functions and he matches content so perfectly with form. The voice young people hear is one they know they can trust. That’s why Gareth Owen is so popular with teenage audiences. This is an essential title for all English Departments.'

Gareth Owen is a poet of our time whose poetry provides  the rich and varies patterns of language that I feel are necessary to stimulate children to express, in words, their own thoughts and emotions. Children relate very easily to his poems yet they are not read quickly for a laugh and then forgotten. Many are serious and show a deep understanding of people.

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